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Registration of Tax Practitioners - July 2005

Every Person who completes Tax Returns or gave advice on Taxation Matters must be registered as a Tax Practitioner.

Outstanding Income Tax Returns and Extensions - April 2005

Do you have outstanding tax returns for the previous tax years? You might be in trouble with SARS!!


Changes to the deduction of Telephone Expenses by SARS - June 2004

The effect on your tax situation and how you still can claim Telephone Expenses.

Scrapping of Entertainment Allowance by SARS - May 2004

The effect on your tax situation and how you still can claim Entertainment.

Your are invited to send an email to herman@e-taxcalc.co.za with suggestions about newsletter topics. The topic on which we receive the most suggestions will be considered as the topic for the newsletter after the secrets of the company car.

About Herman Rall

Herman Rall has been a Tax Practitioner for the past 15 years with extensive experience in Taxation matters and also obtained experience at SARS as a Tax Auditor. Obtained his Hons B.Com in Accounting and Taxation at the Northwest University (previously PU for CHE) in 1993 and is a registered member of the South African Institute for Business Accountants.  Since July 2006, he is also a director of the South African Institute for Business Accountants.

In these news articles, he is sharing some of his experiences, thoughts and ideas with you on various topics.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

bulletIncome Tax secrets around issues like Entertainment Allowance, Travel Allowance, Company Car, etc;
bulletCapital Gains Tax;
bulletEstate and Donations Tax;
bulletProtection of your personal assets against business creditors;
bulletOr any other topic which may become relevant.

These news articles are free and you can share it with your friends, colleagues or anybody else.

There are two conditions and there are benefits for you:

1.       Only share it with people who you know may find it useful;

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What does he gain from it?

1.       Nothing financially. This is a free service to our Tax Clients, friends, subscribers to this newsletter and their friends and colleagues

2.       He’ll get exposure to new potential clients enjoying his free service.

3.       His client base will grow with new clients joining his existing clients as satisfied clients.

His guarantee:

1.       Your email address will not be shared with anybody.

2.       You will be removed from his news article email list if you wish not to receive any future news articles.

If you do not want to receive his news article, simply send an email to remove@e-taxcalc.co.za with News Article in the Subject box and he will not send you any more news articles and if you want to subscribe to his regular news article send an email to subscribe@e-taxcalc.co.za and he’ll add you to his email subscriber list.

The news articles will be short and to the point without the technical bits that confuse everybody.






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